1. Smart Travel

    When we started working on our redesign, we had two priorities in mind: (1) clear away the clutter and make our recommendations and editorial philosophy the focal point; (2) encourage smart, meaningful travel, both close to home and far away.

    Our new design makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for, but we also want you to discover new places serendipitously. Exploring the world on Trazzler is like window shopping. Skip the trips that don’t appeal to you, but save the ones you like. As you do, your one-of-a-kind taste for travel will inform smarter recommendations tailored to your Travel Personality.

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    What is Smart Travel? You will certainly find exotic getaways and the stuff of travel fantasies while exploring Trazzler. But most of Trazzler’s recommendations are within reasonable driving distance, fostering investment in your local economy and encouraging more frequent, shorter trips. Smart travel is active, not passive—travel changes lives and, as a multibillion dollar industry, can make an enormous positive contribution to the places we visit. Our new partner, Seacology, has given us the exciting opportunity to put this idea to the test. Simply by using Trazzler and earning miles, you can support their projects, which balance environmental and human needs, working to save endangered island species, habitats, and cultures around the world.

    Trazzler advertising will be customized, too. Together with Miraval, the top-rated resort and spa and our pilot partner, we are launching an ad platform that empowers advertisers to connect with 1,000,000+ users on Trazzler and social media in a highly targeted, meaningful way. To learn more, download our media kit.

    We got started when John Vlahides, Biz Stone, Adam Rugel, and Adam Weller created 71Miles. We then won a fbFund grant to develop Trazzler as a Facebook application. Today, co-founder Biz and Cheryl Rosner provide a steady stream of vision and support as board members, and we recently closed a seed round of funding. Special thanks to Ron Conway and SV Angel for leading the charge and pulling together an incredible team of investors in a way that only Ron can. They include: AOL Co-Founder Steve Case, Founder Collective, AOL Ventures, Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, and more.

    We’ll be adding many new features over the next month. Please poke around—we want to know what you think.

    — Megan & Adam