1. November Newsletter

    Hello Trazzlers—
    Today was one of those perfect (though far too fleeting) fall days in Madrid with a deep blue sky, shafts of yellow light, falling leaves, and long afternoon shadows. Where have you been lately? Have you been traveling to any places on your Trazzler Wishlist? Have you added any new weekend trips for this winter?

    This week we started sending out our weekly Trip recommendations. How did we do? We’re still working on the logic behind how we choose these trips for each user, so we’d love to get some feedback on how we can make it better.

    Hiring News
    More of our initial funding came through this month so we were finally able to get started hiring another batch of freelancers (writers: we apologize for the delay). Every one of these writers submitted trips that expanded our idea of what Trazzler can be. Over the next month, you’ll be able to check out their new trips at: http://www.trazzler.com/trips/tags/freelancer.

    Christine Cantera: Offbeat Expat (missexpatria.wordpress.com/)

    Tim Chester: London Insider

    Katie Hammel: Luxury on the Cheap

    Cheri Lucas: Driven by Obsessions (cherilucas.com)

    Phillip Orchard: Poignant Places (philliporchard.com)

    Barbara Weibel: Seasoned Globetrotter (holeinthedonut.com)

    Kara Williams: Mountain Mama (karaswilliams.com/)

    We remain committed to dedicating 10%-15% of our budget (significantly more than major market newspapers) to freelance and part-time writers and editors. We still have a long list of other writers whose Trazzler trips caught our eye—this is only the beginning. So, please, keep submitting those trips so we can see what you can do. We read them all.

    October’s Theme: Mom and Pops

    We loved the response that we got to last month’s plea to spread the word about our favorite mom-and-pops… So much so that we decided that we want to reward the very best “theme” trips that we receive each month.

    October’s Winner: Tina Jett (tinajett.com)
    Tina was already on our radar with her extremely well-loved and popular Carolina RollerGirls trip. But we thought she really embraced the local mom-and-pop genre:
    - Going Loco for Locopops in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
    - Getting Your Chocolate Fix at Escazu in Raleigh, North Carolina
    - Becoming a Beadfreak at Ornamentea in Raleigh, North Carolina
    So we awarded her a contract to write 10 more trips this month.

    November’s Theme: Urban Enigmas
    Award: A $250 Contract to Write 10 Trips
    This month, we want to dig into those enigmatic, secret corners of our cities and towns. Those hidden (sometimes in plain sight) places or phenomena that are mysterious, weird, unnerving, thought-provoking, inscrutable, evocative of a past long forgotten… Add the tag “urban enigma” to your trips and check out the link above to see the weird and wonderful places that others have submitted.

    Happy Trazzling,

    Megan Cytron and the Trazzler Team